Meet the Provider


The Mushroom Man

Microbiologist & Mycologist

Owner and Creator of Fungi Alternatives

As far back as I can remember I have always taken a liking to science and was particularly
fascinated in the applied and organismal topics, botany and horticulture. The source of my
interest and curiosity in the vast field of science was my mother and my gift of design and
creativity was from my father. My mother was not only my inspiration but my first and best
teacher. My mother has an extensive background in the field of science from working with
teams from JPL and NASA all the way to stretching the spectrum of her research in Phycology
and Agronomy. With her 30 plus years of research, experiments, project developments and
lectures she also made time for educating young minds in schools. My mother was a grade
school and high school science teacher and college and university professor. Taking the time to
really study hard and excel in my classes I was applying myself to each lesson and assignment in
my classes. Not only was I getting great grades, I was using my knowledge outside of class and
conducting my own experiments and projects at home. Needless to say, I was a natural born
scientist. Fast forwarding to my college years when I was working so hard at achieving many
goals, I was successful at receiving 3 degrees. I was ecstatic and so inspired to branch out and
apply my knowledge to intertwin my degrees, eager to share with the world what I have
learned. I was able to obtain an Applied Science of Culinary Arts Degree, Nutritional Health
Science Degree and a Microbiology Degree. Some of you might question, “Why a Culinary
degree?” Well, turns out that I had the gift of being a great chef ever since I was 5 and also
needed to accumulate college credits at my first institute so that I could attend the university of
my choice to take courses in the field I was interested in. After I was done with school, I enlisted
into the United States Navy, only for the purpose for them to help with the insane amount of
college loans I accrued. After serving almost 7 years of Active Duty I eventually was Honorably
Discharged because my contract was over. Standing tall in my uniform with ribbons, medals and
certificates I was also very proud that I was able to finish some online courses on Plant Ecology
and learn the applications of many medicinal herbs, plants and fungi. I then continued my
journey to understand the magic behind the applications of cultivating so many wonderful
plants and how they can help us humans and the world.

Here at Fungi Alternatives, our team is committed to providing excellent service while delivering our premium products. All of us here are constantly inspecting our work and my management team is consistently training the staff members to be qualified lab technicians. We take pride knowing that each and everyone of our customers is treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy. It is our goal to provide the best product and services for you to be successful in developing your At-Home-Mushroom-Grow.